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This just in! According to the Larchmont Buzz, the Larchmont Family Fair 2018 had their record breaking year in ticket sales, this year. The event has been taking place annually for more than 7 years and this has been the best, by far. To make the event even more exciting, Emerald Events AKA The Bubble Rollers provided the water balls, foam pit, bubble battle balls, jumpers, obstacle courses, bungees, paddle boats, and more. We would like to extend a thank you to the coordinators of the Larchmont Fair for allowing us to be a part of the event. We hope to see you next year!


Kids rolling around in Bubble Rollers in the city of Larchmont. The bubble rollers are large plastic bubbles placed in a large pool of water.

Bubble Rollers delivered the games to the kids in Larchmont! It was a perfect day to get out and enjoy the sun in Larchmont! Parents brought the kids down to enjoy the rides. Bubble Rollers provided the bubble bumpers, paddle and bubble rollers! You can have your set of bubble rollers, bubble bumpers, and paddle rollers delivered to you in the same manner provided to Larchmont!


kids riding paddle rollers in an inflatable pool in the city of larchmont




The Water Bubble Rollers™ were created for you to run, walk, float, flip, jump, roll, and play on water inside an inflatable bubble WITHOUT getting wet. A definite must for everyone at your next party or event. In your own pool or we can bring one, we can go almost anywhere with our inflatable pools! We also work with swim schools, public pools, resort/association pools, etc. so please ask for details.

Are you looking for a kids birthday party venue in Southern California?

Visit us at Roll ‘N Fun Zone at South Bay Galleria Mall in Redondo Beach! We are the masters of hosting awesome birthday parties! You can plan your event here or we deliver the attractions to you.

Tag Archive for: larchmont

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