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Core Church LA Portable Ice Skating Rink Event

Core Church LA sponsored a public event this month. The organization wanted to bring in the Christmas spirit by creating a winter atmosphere in Sunny California. But how does one go about doing that? Emerald Events, of course! Emerald Events delivered the portable ice skating rink and created a Winter Wonderland in the middle of Los Angeles. How wonderful is that? The children slipped on the ice skates and skated their hearts content. If you are in search of ideas and fall short of ideas, try a portable ice rink. It’s the perfect solution for church events, block parties, corporate events, or kids birthday parties. One thing we know for sure, Core Church LA really knows how to excite the kids. It was an awesome night for family fun and entertainment.


Core Church LA Ice Skating Event 2017


Rent Mobile Skating Rink Like Core Church LA

Our newest Mobile Ice Skating Rink brings the excitement of ice skating to any party, fundraiser, or event. Day or night, indoor or outdoor, birthday or large carnival! All of our party packages are fully customizable to fit any and all needs. All of our packages include our state-of-the-art plastic polymer ice rink, various ice skate sizes, all necessary equipment and trained team members to construct an ice skating rink in your home’s backyard, school, office, street, or any firm, flat surface. We also  deliver you the best party experience possible guaranteed.

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