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Bubblepalooza Foam party at Vineyard Junior High School. Foam Rentals provided by Emerald Events.

The BubblePalooza kicked off to an awesome start! Vineyard Junior High School faculty threw an awesome fundraiser for the PTSA. The afternoon was spent with fun games, food, and activities. Emerald Events provided three foam machine rentals and large foam pits for attendees. The glorious wonders a foam party can bring to an event! Students, faculty, and participants basqued in the sun while playing hide and seek in pools of pure white foam. It was an awesome sight to see! By the day’s end, the fundraiser was a major success! Thank you Vineyard Junior High for inviting us to your event! Hoorah! We hope to see you next year for the next event!

Be Like Vineyard Junior High School

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Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena enjoys a foam party rental provided by Emerald Events. Rose Bowl Aquatics Rents foam party rental

Rose Bowl Aquatics rents foam party and the kids gear up for a soapy surprise! That’s right! Emerald Events arrived with a large bubble machine full of bubbles and foam for all the wonderful children in Pasadena! Yay! Boy, were they surprised! A large group of children were covered in bubbles from the bottom of their feet to the top of their tiny, adorable heads. There were times a few of them totally disappeared then resurfaced as they popped their tiny little heads out from the large pool full of foam. The kids cheered “Hip, Hip. Hoorah!” to Rose Bowl Aquatics for renting the foam party machine! They sure know how to light up a kids day!

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Every kids love to play with foam in the bathtub. Why not bring the foam into your backyard where all the kids in the neighborhood can enjoy! By turning any regular party into a foam party, you will be the talk of the neighborhood! Great for all ages and any event. All of our foam is Hypoallergenic and Non-toxic. This makes it harmless to small children, animals, plants, and is even safe for clothes. Available with or without arena or foam tank. Book our foam party rental now!

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Tag Archive for: foam party rentals

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