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Blue Buoy Swim School enjoys Bubble Rollers Rentals

Back by popular demand! Bubble Rollers Rentals have returned to Blue Buoy Swim School. Yes indeed! Those fantastically awesome hamster balls just so happened to magically appeared in the pool, last week. Have you ever wanted to give this ride a whirl? Well, the kids at the pool spent their entire day rolling, tumbling, and falling down and you can too! Just simply send us an email and we will be sure to make this happen for you!

Book Bubble Rollers Rentals Today!

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Are you looking for a kids birthday party venue in Southern California?

Visit us at Roll ‘N Fun Zone at South Bay Galleria Mall in Redondo Beach! We are the masters of hosting awesome birthday parties! You can plan your event here or we deliver the attractions to you.

Kids playing task force laser tag

Laser Tag anyone? Arianna’s and Armaan’s celebrate their 12-year birthday. Luckily, the staff at Emerald Events was there to provide and set up the laser equipment. The twins parents planned a wonderful day for this pair of teenagers. With the equipment set up and ready to go, attendees huddled as teams were divided in two. Lasers guns then distributed among each player. What a wonderful sight to see! Parents cheered on the sidelines as the games took place. As a result, they also joined in the fun.  Exhausted from the fun, everyone headed to the photo booth. Not only, did Arianna and Armaan’s parents think of the fun with Laser Tag but they remembered the photo booth to seal the memories among friends.

What is Task Force Laser Tag?

Laser tag mobile attractions are exciting for any event.  Day or night, indoor or outdoor, birthday or large carnival! Emerald Events party packages are customized to fit your needs.

Our laser guns works great, day or night.  Our team members can construct an arena in your backyard or local park.

Visit our site for information on booking children’s attractions.
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