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Calvary Chapel Carnival Having a Ball With Bubble Rollers

November 1, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Calvary Chapel Carnival Kids enjoy Bubble Rollers at carnival. Kids playing inside plastic bubbles in pool of water.

The Calvary Chapel Carnival takes off with Emerald Events party rentals this week. Kids entered the large inflatable balls. Once safely secured in these giant hamster balls,  the excitement began! Kids were tossing, turning and bashing balls up against their opponents having a ball! What a day! As the children played throughout the day, parents stood alongside the pools edge to get a quick snapshot of their loved ones. If looking for a way to liven up any church event, Emerald Events is the way to go! We supply the best kids attractions in Southern California!


About Calvary Chapel Carnival Bubble Rollers Rentals

The Water Bubble Rollers™ were created for you to run, walk, float, flip, jump, roll, and play on water inside an inflatable bubble WITHOUT getting wet. A definite must for everyone at your next party or event. In your own pool or we can bring one, we can go almost anywhere with our inflatable pools! We also work with swim schools, public pools, resort/association pools, etc. so please ask for details.

Visit our site for information on booking attractions with Emerald Events.

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