How to Play Bubble Soccer with Urban Sports LA

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6 kids lined up in a straight line getting ready to play bubble soccer using bubble soccer rentals provided by The Bubble Rollers and Emerald Events


Urban Sports LA teams up with the Bubble Rollers to teach you how to Play Bubble Soccer. Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Bubble Soccer? These cool party rentals are a blast for school events. Urban Sports LA teams up with The Bubble Rollers kids party supply store to show you how it works the video below.

First, you need to set up two teams to begin the challenge. After deciding teams, it’s time to enter the inflatable bubble by placing it over your head and fastening your body in the center of the bubble. There are two handles to hold onto for grip inside the plastic bubble. Let’s not forget the soccer ball. Well, instead of explaining to you, how’s about watching the video and allowing Urban Sports LA show you how it’s done. It’s much more fun to watch! (see below for video)


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Our Bubble Bumper Soccer brings the excitement to any party, fundraiser, or event. Day or night, indoor or outdoor, birthday or large carnival! All of our party packages are fully customizable to fit any and all needs. All of our packages include our state-of-the-art bubble bumper suits, all necessary equipment including goals, cones, soccer balls and trained team members to construct a bubble bumper soccer field in your home’s backyard or local park and deliver you the best party experience possible guaranteed. Ask about our Bubble Bumper Soccer League! We are currently one of the best and fastest growing party companies in Southern California, from San Diego up to Santa Barbara and beyond!

Thank you, Urban Sports LA for supplying the video.

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