Winter Mobile Ice Skating Rink in Yucaipa

Kids enjoying Winter Ice Skating Rink during an event

The City of Yucaipa enjoyed our Winter Ice Skating Rink last week! The kids were caught having a blast on synthetic ice. How cool is that? It may not snow in California during the winter months but Emerald Events is able to create a Christmas atmosphere all year around. Hundreds of kids took turns testing their ice skating skills throughout the day and into the night! Our ice skating rinks bring people together. Great for church and mall events, neighborhood block parties, or any kids birthday!  More info:


Kids Enjoy Winter Ice Skating Rink in Yucaipa, California

Winter Ice Skating Rink Rentals Available All-Year-Around

Our newest Mobile Ice Skating Rink brings the excitement of ice skating to any party, fundraiser, or event. Day or night, indoor or outdoor, birthday or large carnival! All of our party packages are fully customizable to fit any and all needs. All of our packages include our state-of-the-art plastic polymer ice rink, various ice skate sizes, all necessary equipment and trained team members to construct an ice skating rink in your home’s backyard, school, office, street, or any firm, flat surface. We also  deliver you the best party experience possible guaranteed.

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