Arroyo School Kicks Off Carnival with Jungle Obstacle

Image of kids playing in the jungle obstacle course at Arroyo School Carnival

Arroyo School kicked off their carnival with a large Jungle Obstacle Course last week. In addition, Three large land Bubble Rollers were part of the attraction. Children jumped their hearts content throughout the day. As they found their way through the obstacle course, they wound up walking into the large Land Bubble Rollers. Children rushed to stand in line to have their turn in each Land Bubble Roller. As they whisked away, you could hear the giggling, and screaming while Land Bubble Rollers took them for the ride of their lives. The excitement on the children’s faces were priceless! You just had to be there. The joy, laughter, and bonding among the student will be memorable. All of the main attractions were provided by Emerald Events.

About Arroyo School’s Jungle Obstacle Course

One of our newest attractions is quite the adventure. Our Jungle Themed Interactive Obstacle course is one of a kind and great for kids parties, school events, carnivals and more.

To learn more about sizing and pricing please feel free to contact us.

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The Radical Run Turns Up At Hewes Middle School

Images of the Radical Run Obstacle Course at Hewes Middle School

The Radical Run Obstacle Course and three large Land Bubble Rollers magically appeared at Hewes Middle School. This is the kind of day students look forward to after a long day of studies and receiving high marks! Indeed, the obstacle course was a hit! The staff would here at Emerald Events would like to give a big thumbs up to the students who enjoyed the attractions! We hope to see you again in the future kiddos!

The Radical Run

Our 95′ Radical Run Obstacle Course and Interactives are extremely popular. The Radical Run Obstacle Course is an interactive game that is easy to transport, and fits in with any size events. This obstacle course is packed with features like pop-ups, a log jam, squeeze wall, crawl through obstacles, climbing walls, and up and over slides. Kids and adults both love this attraction. Includes all of our standard game features and is available in smaller sections for smaller events or areas.

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Image of 3 Large Land Bubble Rollers and a Radical Run Obstacle Course


Long Beach Irish Fair & Music Festival 2017

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Image of two Irish men walking around at an Irish Fair

The Long Beach Irish Fair 2017 is coming to Long Beach, Ca. We all know the Irish enjoy a great party, especially, when food , drinks, and entertainment is center stage. Last years celebration was wonderful, but this year, it’s going to be incredible! Why hang out in a pub when you can enjoy an entire weekend in the park? Grab the kids, family, friends, then load up the car and plan for a fun-filled weekend of non-stop entertainment. Come on down and enjoy the food, music, and attractions. Of course, Emerald Events will be there to provide the bungee, land bubble rollers, obstacle course, and inflatable shooting range! Still not convinced? Then, check out the scheduled events taking place throughout the weekend! The Irish Fair is guaranteed to be a hit! Buy your tickets online now or pay upon entry. See you there!

Long Beach Irish Fair and Music Festival 2017 Info:

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Arriana & Arman Enjoys Laser Tag Birthday!

Kids playing task force laser tag

Laser Tag anyone? Arianna’s and Armaan’s celebrate their 12-year birthday. Luckily, the staff at Emerald Events was there to provide and set up the laser equipment. The twins parents planned a wonderful day for this pair of teenagers. With the equipment set up and ready to go, attendees huddled as teams were divided in two. Lasers guns then distributed among each player. What a wonderful sight to see! Parents cheered on the sidelines as the games took place. As a result, they also joined in the fun.  Exhausted from the fun, everyone headed to the photo booth. Not only, did Arianna and Armaan’s parents think of the fun with Laser Tag but they remembered the photo booth to seal the memories among friends.

What is Task Force Laser Tag?

Laser tag mobile attractions are exciting for any event.  Day or night, indoor or outdoor, birthday or large carnival! Emerald Events party packages are customized to fit your needs.

Our laser guns works great, day or night.  Our team members can construct an arena in your backyard or local park.

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Land Bubble Rollers Help Celebrate Caspers Birthday

Image of Land Bubble Rollers at a park

Casper’s parents planned a memorable day.  They contacted Emerald Events to provide party equipment for the festivities. Their son Casper will be celebrating his first birthday today! In just a few hours, Land Bubble Rollers will be arriving and rolling it’s way into everyone’s heart. Once the attractions arrive, we expect rave reviews from every birthday attendee, directly after.

All of our staff at Emerald Events would like to extend Casper a very Happy Birthday!  Every birthday is considered to be a very special occasion.  Which is why we go above and beyond the call of duty when planning an event for our customers. While planning events, we expect the eyes of children to light up with excitement. As well as, adrenaline reaching maximum levels.

Land Bubble Rollers are a Hit

Land Bubble Rollers are one of our top sellers and a great  party attraction for any event. Adults, teen, and children of all ages will be entertained as they race, bump around, and have free-for-all matches in the arena. We offer safety nets to provide a safe environment filled with fun-filled amusement and laughter. If looking for a way to provide family-fun entertainment, Emerald Events is the way to go! In addition, we provide a vast amount of party attraction supplies so no event will ever be a flop.

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Emerald Events Joins LDS Church

Image of kids playing with Emerald Events bubble bumper soccer equipment

Emerald Events joins the LDS Church at their church event today! Full of surprise, laughter, prayer, and attractions, they will bring their congregation together as one. As I have said time and time again, participating in group activities is an exceptional way to bring families together. The experiences we share among one another turn out to be the most memorable when including an activity that allows us to bond. Which is why members of the LDS Church has chosen our company to supply the event. When searching for family fun entertainment, there is no better choice than a game of Bubble Bumper Soccer! The game of bubble bumper soccer combines competition and hilarity among family, friends, or simply meeting for the first time.

Emerald Events- Bubble Bumper Soccer Package

Bubble Bumper Soccer Package, which includes, goals, bibs, soccer ball, knee pads will be arriving at your church event!  All of the staff here at Emerald Events wish you a fantastic time!

We would love to assist on any organization event.
Please call or book us online for any questions or concerns.
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Katella High School Senior Day 2017

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Kids playing Laser Tag with party rentals

Emerald Events provided party rentals on Senior Day at Katella High! We all know it has been a long time coming for all graduates this year. Your achievements and hard work has not gone unnoticed. Without a doubt, your due diligence has paid off and the time has come to wind down and celebrate. Therefore, Emerald Events will be delivering the celebration to your school. We can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces when we arrive.

Party Rentals Provided

We provided the water bubbles, laser tag shooting range, magic jump, and the mechanical bull rides to increase the energy of this wonderful day! At this time, Emerald Events would like to Congratulate Katella High School Seniors 2017! Way to go kids! Thank you for choosing Emerald Events.

Land Bubble Rollers Arrive to Arroyo Vista School Fundraiser 2017

Bubble Rollers at Arroyo Vista School Carnival 2017

Everyone loves a good cause. The Arroyo Vista School PTA is hosting a major fundraising event. There are many ways to raise funds for just about any organization. In this case, the PTA of Arroyo Vista decided to use land bubble rollers at their fundraiser. Undeniably, you can almost guarantee excitement, joy, and laughter by using any of our attractions. The money raised will fund art, music, STEM labs, field trips, assemblies and technology advances for students. Fun was had by all!

Land Bubble Rollers: Arroyo Vista Fundraiser

Why not spend the day racing your friend around in one of our Land Bubble Rollers? They are great for large yards, parks, gyms, arenas and more! Available with or without an arena or race track.You can race your friends around the course or have a free-for-all match bumping into each other in the arena. We are the only company to offer safety nets to allow patrons to participate by themselves safely.

Invite Emerald Events to your fundraiser! Contact Us.

Emerald Events

Orange County Scout-O-Rama 2017 | Bubble Rollers

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Orange County Scout-O-Rama

Emerald Events brings the most popular attraction, The Bubble Rollers™  to the Orange County Scout-O-Rama Saturday, May 13, 2017. As a result, we intend to wow the crowd as they climb into our Bubble Rollers attraction.

What is the Orange County Scout-O-Rama?

The Scout-O-Rama is holding their annual “convention” of Scouting in Orange County, California. Due to its popular demand, over 20,000 participants will attend the event! Scouts, their families and friends interested in learning about Scouting enjoy a fun-filled day of exhibits, competitions, displays and family-fun. Some popular events from recent years include dutch-oven cooking demonstrations, climbing towers, obstacle courses, Bubble Rollers, Medieval Times and the Vans Skate Team shows! Join us for an awesome event

Book Bubble Rollers Today

The Water Bubble Rollers™ were created for you to run, walk, float, flip, jump, roll, and play on water inside an inflatable bubble WITHOUT getting wet. A definite must for everyone at your next party or event. In your own pool or we can bring one, we can go almost anywhere with our inflatable pools! We also work with swim schools, public pools, resort/association pools, etc. so please ask for details.

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Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2017

The Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2017 is an open-wheel race held on a street circuit in the beautiful area of downtown Long Beach, California. Best of all, Emerald Events and The Bubble Rollers™ will be there! Roll and race with us and all of the fun April 7th through the 9th. We will have attractions that are great for the entire family!

Event Schedule

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