Inflatable Movie Screen

Put on a show for everyone with this Inflatable Movie Screen. You can use this for any occasion with up to 200 viewers. Use it for a movie night, jam on Guitar Hero, play WII games, etc. Comes with projector, screen and audio system.

Size: 20’L x 14’H x 8’W
Space Required: 22’L x 15’H x 25’W

Hot Dog Machine

The table top Hot Dog Machine takes 30 minutes to prepare frozen hot dogs, 20 minutes for room temperature hot dogs. Can hold 10 rows of hot dogs with dual temperature controls, cook hot dogs on the front rollers at a higher temperature while keeping hotdogs warm on the rear rollers. Does not include table/stand, hot dogs, or buns.

Size: 2.5’L x 2’W x 2’H
Space Required: 3’L x 3’W x 3’H

Bubble Machine

The Antari B-100X Bubble Machine has a “Double Bubble Wheel” designed to produce a steady stream of bubbles. Comes with a remote to operate from far away. Includes 1 gallon bubble fluid for hours of bubbles. $25 delivery fee per order will be applied after checkout if rented without an inflatable product. Available for rental in the Orange County area.

Size: 13.5in L x 7in W x 7in H
Space Required: 15in L x 9in W x 9in H

Cotton Candy Machine

The Cotton Candy Machine makes tasty classic style cotton candy everyone is used to. Included 70 servings, sugar and cones. Very simple to operate, instructions included. Does not come with table/stand. Available for rental in the Orange County area.

Size: 3’W x 3.3’L x 2’H
Space Required: 4’W x 4’L x 4’H



Snow Cone Machine

Our Snow Cone Machine is real simple to use and comes with 100 cups and five flavors. Flavors include kiwi strawberry, blue raspberry, orange, cherry and lemon-lime. Bring some cool treats to your next event that everyone will enjoy. Ice Cubes are not included. Available for rental in the Orange County area.

Size: 2’W x 1.5’L x 2’H
Space Required: 2.5’W x 2’L x 3’H

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine rental is perfect for almost every event and occasion. Simple to operate, takes minutes to prepare. Includes 100 servings of prepared kernels and 16oz popcorn bags. Instructions included, needs table/stand. Available for rental in the Orange County area.

Size: 1.5’W x 1.3’L x 2.5’H
Space Required: 2’W x 2’L x 3’H

Plastic Tables

Rent a 6′ Rectangular Plastic Table for your next backyard party or event. These plastic tables are perfect for small and mid-sized parties at home, business, church or school. Can accommodate up to 8 people. $30 delivery fee unless rented with an inflatable. Available for rental in the Orange County area. Delivery of tables is only “curbside delivery”. The items will be dropped off at the renter’s address, but not set up. Setup of these items is entirely the renter’s responsibility. We ask that the items be prepared for pick-up just as they were dropped off; that is to say that all tables, chairs and tents should be folded and stacked as they were dropped off.

Size: 30 inches (W) x 72 inches (L) x 30 inches (H)
Space Required:

Plastic Chairs

Plastic Folding Chairs for any party or event type. This chairs are perfect for backyard events, outdoor events, and more.

Size: 15.5 inches (W) x 15.5 inches (L) x 33 inches (H)


Blackmore Speakers

The Blackmore Speakers is a full-range, portable, powered loudspeaker system providing high-output, ultra-wide dispersion and low-distortion performance in a compact, lightweight design. These 2 speakers provide 2900W peak power and come with it’s own stands.

Size: 3’W x 3’L x 7’H
Space Required: 3’W x 3’L x 7’H


Premium Tent Rental

Premium White Tent.  Side Walls Available.



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